Fitting and Maintaining Door Furniture Hardware - ‘How to’ Guides / Resources

We have created a resource list from a variety of trusted sources offering expert advice and tips on how to fit and maintain all of your door hardware.


Glossary of Industry Terms

Unsure of some of the terms we use within our product range? Whether it's an 'auxiliary lock' or 'BS2621', our glossary of industry terms should clear up any jargon and help you understand the complicated ironmongery terminology.


Ensuring the Correct Specification of Hardware for Public Buildings

This guide offers advice and information on the requirements you need to be aware of when choosing and fitting hardware for public buildings. Follow these guidelines to ensure you are building a safe and legal public or working environment.

This guide looks into regulations set out by The Building Regulations 2010, Equality Act 2010 and The Construction Products Regulations 2013.